Maintaining Your Shops Hardwood Floor

Do you have a barber shop, salon, or any other area you cut hair in that you have invested a great deal of money or time in to having put in so you can better manage your space? Hardwood flooring is an attractive addition to your business that not only looks good but can save a whole heck of a lot of time when it comes to cleanup. This flooring type is great for hair dressers all around the globe but making sure you maintain upkeep on it is crucial if you would like it to last for a very long time.

If you are like us and dealing with hardwood floors. Having them done by a pickerington carpet cleaning company has got us the best results and they have spelled out some do’s and dont’s when helping us keep our floors looking great and maintaining our expensive hardwood floors.








  • Dust your hardwood floors when needed with a DRY dusting mop
  • Use professional hardwood cleaning solutions
  • When spills happen on your hardwood tend to them immediately to prevent warping
  • Clean up small patches that are sticky with a paper towel
  • Adding a runner (rug) to high traffic areas will help prevent wear and tear on the flooring


  • Never have your flooring steam cleaned (this can ruin your flooring)
  • Do not use over saturated mops or anything else that will add and abundance of fluid making your floor wet
  • Do not let dirt or other debris sit on your floor for an excessive amount of time – Sweep or vacuum with a soft brush if need be
  • Never add any oil based coating to your hardwood floors

The best way to maintain the long life of a hardwood floor is by keeping it properly cleaned. When needing the extra clean from excessive traffic or any other thing that may happen on your floor, having them professionally cleaned from a carpet cleaning company that offers hardwood flooring services is the best way to go. There are different cleaners and equipment that professionals have that are not available to just the regular consumer and in return produce amazing results.