Air Quality Tips For A Salon

Improving The Quality Of Air In Your Space

So spring has finally sprung upon us. You may be indoors and still sneezing with your itchy eyes and running nose. This is more than likely because of your indoor air quality and we are going to go over one of the most important factors in helping this when it comes to being inside. If you talk to any air conditioning contractor they will all ask you one specific question that is a quick solution to a number of HVAC related issues.

“When is the last time you changed your filter?”

Anyone been asked that before? You’re nodding your head yes so I take it you have. The filter is a key component in the air quality in a home or office. This is especially crucial when it comes to a salon that is cutting hair all day long. The heat or the air kicks on just to blow the hair around – Yes, it may be subtle, but the hair does travel and some will make its way into the hvac system. This goes the same for your homes or anywhere else. If you have dogs, kids, or a lot of traffic in and out changing your filter regularly every 3 to 4 months is recommended. A filter not only helps with collecting all the dirt and debris in your home but it also helps with pollen and other allergens that try to come in from the outside that can turn your lovely spring season into a nightmare.

furnace filter

If you are comfortable changing your own filter then do so yourself, it will save you money in the long run. If you are more of the person pressed for time or not sure what to do, calling your local hvac contractor can get you fixed. I personally would recommend a service package if they offer them as this will save you time and money going this route.